this morning i was supposed to wake up, drive an hour or so with hannah and arrive at a canoe drop in for her annual family/friend canoe trip. last night my throat started hurting and i was hoping it was just bad allergies but when i woke up today and tried to swallow, it felt like sandpaper. my head is pounding and i’m upset that i can’t be laying in a canoe, drinking beer, hanging out with hannah and family/friends. 

i’m currently laying in my bed trying to swallow the least i can without drooling all over the place. a pleasant image, i know. 

speaking of imagines, a newly found friend of my, Brandon, gave me a book about Banksy. Banksy is the guy who does all those graffiti images of the girl and the heart balloon, or rats, or soldiers holding flowers. i’ve always enjoyed randomly stumbling upon his work but ever since i got this book i can’t put it down. he’s a fascinating person and his art is so much more than random paint on a wall and he actually has a lot to say,

“only when the last tree has been cut down and the last river has dried to a trickle will man finally realize that we cannot eat money and reciting old proverbs makes you sound like a twat.”

“it takes a lot of guts to stand up anonymously in a western democracy and call for things no-one believes in – like peace and justice and freedom.”





so, a couple semesters ago i took a “music for elementary school teachers” class. it basically consisted of playing the recorder, singing mary had a little lamb, and playing the piano. totally cool. well, that was one out of two electives i need to take to get a degree in education. the two other electives i could choose from are some sort of art or a class called “IET”. i had a drag of an art class here my freshman year that actually ended up bringing down my GPA (the exact opposite reason of why i took it). so, naturally, i opted for this other “IET” class not really knowing what to expect.

on the first day of class our teacher (he’s one of the teachers that lets us call him whatever we want so i automatically began liking him right away), Pap, told us all the cool stuff we’re going to be doing. turns out the class is called “technology for kids”, however, it has nothing to do with computers. i signed up for a shop class. we’re going to be making cutting boards out of wood and bird houses and picture frames. and the best part is we get to use all these cool machines that i would never know how to work otherwise. it’s also the only class i have on thursdays and it ends at 10:45 so that’s an extra bonus.


things i like the smell of:

saw dust


(clean) cat liter

that wormy smell after it rains

rubber soles on shoes (new of course)

grass after it’s been cut


puppy paws


cheesy quotes are cheesy but i grew up on mac and cheese so here we go…

basically, i can’t agree more with this “law of modern man” quote. i’ve grown to realize that if i’m not happy then i need to change something. and sometimes the thing i need to change are the people around me.

growing up and moving on with nothing but smiles.



“I’ve had a few arguments with people but i never carry a grudge. You know why? While you’re carrying a grudge, they’re out dancing.” –Buddy Hackett

in my opinion…

people who wear headphones on campus are preventing people from saying hi to them.

funions are underrated.

people who wear heels to class care way too much about appearance.

lion king is the best disney movie.

colors should not have genders.

ice water is the best beverage. always.

make up is for people who don’t feel pretty in their own skin.

it’s hard to say no to chocolate.

kids know way more than adults.

people who don’t want to travel don’t find life interesting.

shoes are overrated.

white v-necks are appropriate for every occasion (with the exception of weddings and funerals, but even then it could slide..)

the media ruins everything.

TV is boring.

in one of my classes we watched a documentary about how people with disabilities used to be treated in “school” settings. i put school in quotes because it wasn’t much of a school. there wasn’t any education happening and there was definitely no teachers. the limited staff this “school” did have were over worked with keeping diapers and clothes on kids, feeding them, nurturing them, and making sure their daily needs were met (which was impossible for them to do). after a few budget cuts more and more people were being let go…or fired. 900 employees were “let go” and that left the ratio of teachers to kids 1 person to 40. feeding time was cut down from 20-30 minutes per child to 3 minutes each. now, i don’t know if you’ve ever tried to feed a kid before, but i have and let me tell you…they are not going to finish their meal in three minutes. the conditions of the living were definitely not up to par. they weren’t even up to standards. this one particular school house 5,230 children with little to severe disabilities either physical, cognitive, or emotional. they had no one who understood them or who even took the time to try.

after a documentary aired the president gave back the funding he took away and the school was able to hire 300 out of the 900 people they originally fired. but obviously, that still wasn’t enough. one boy, who was 18 and had cerebral palsy said that he hadn’t been to class or to school in years. after becoming old enough to provide some sort of care for younger children, that’s all he did.

it’s stories and history like that that make me so happy and thankful to have grown up in the time that i did. for the most part, people nowadays are understanding and patient with differences. i’m finally in classes that pertain to special education after doing a few semesters of only university programs such as math, moral problems, geography, and physics. being in these classes spark a sense of truth inside of me and i know that i’m doing the right thing. finally, i’m surrounded by people who are passionate about caring for all people and it’s a breath of fresh air.

now here’s a song that will surely make you happy.

things that i like:

trail mix

acoustic guitar

driving with the windows down


fuzzy pillows

foot rests

bananas in my cereal


little kids


finding shapes in the cloud

sprinkles on ice cream cones


the noise a Snapple bottle makes when you open it for the first time

people watching


peeling an orange in one piece

and professors that let me call them by their first name

i’ve noticed that the professors who insist you say “professor” or “doctor” when addressing them are the most boring. they’re the ones who don’t let you be creative. they take their job too seriously and show up ready to teach but not ready to relate. i relate to my favorite teachers because they want to relate to me. i want to be a teacher that students can relate to…i don’t know if i would know how to be one of those people who put notes up on the board and call it a day. i like conversation. i think it’s the best way to learn things. that’s why i like when rooms have seating arranged in a circle, that way i can see everybody’s face.

i miss africa when…

white lines on the road distract me (they don’t have those there).

lights from cars passing by blind me.

…ever i see pavement.

i crave mangos.

i see the picture of sharon’s laughing face.Image

i think of school.

i get a bill in the mail.

i have to drive…fast.

people bother me.

the smell of exhaust burns my nostrils.

my mind randomly gets caught singing,

“jambo, jambo bwana. habari gani. mzuri sana…”

cars stifle my walking conversation.


new (school) year.

moving into my new apartment was one of the best feelings. decorating is still not finished and probably will never be seeing as we rearranged furniture and wall decor pretty frequently. i’m happy to be in a new place with new surroundings. and although the loud music from the bar downstairs kept me awake at first, i’m already getting used to the loud drunkenly sloppy conversations that make their way up to my window at night…and a nice cold beer is always just two steps away.

welcome weekend was full of visitors and sidewalks packed full of new arrivals and old students alike…which was no surprise. every year i seem to forget just how many people actually attend this school. choosing to live downtown moved us away from the chaos close to campus and closer to “real people” as hannah and i like to call them.
we make our weekly trips to the farmers market on thursday, meander downtown, and make friends with locals. everything is amazing. i even ran into a group of guys on unicycles and who were juggling and doing magic tricks!

today was the first day of class and the lull of the florescent lights already bore me. it’s hard not to slip into my old, laid back, half paying attention routine, but i’m going to try my best to stay on top of things so i can graduate sooner rather than later.

“imagine if the whole world was full of kids how fun life would be.”