new (school) year.

moving into my new apartment was one of the best feelings. decorating is still not finished and probably will never be seeing as we rearranged furniture and wall decor pretty frequently. i’m happy to be in a new place with new surroundings. and although the loud music from the bar downstairs kept me awake at first, i’m already getting used to the loud drunkenly sloppy conversations that make their way up to my window at night…and a nice cold beer is always just two steps away.

welcome weekend was full of visitors and sidewalks packed full of new arrivals and old students alike…which was no surprise. every year i seem to forget just how many people actually attend this school. choosing to live downtown moved us away from the chaos close to campus and closer to “real people” as hannah and i like to call them.
we make our weekly trips to the farmers market on thursday, meander downtown, and make friends with locals. everything is amazing. i even ran into a group of guys on unicycles and who were juggling and doing magic tricks!

today was the first day of class and the lull of the florescent lights already bore me. it’s hard not to slip into my old, laid back, half paying attention routine, but i’m going to try my best to stay on top of things so i can graduate sooner rather than later.

“imagine if the whole world was full of kids how fun life would be.”


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