this morning i was supposed to wake up, drive an hour or so with hannah and arrive at a canoe drop in for her annual family/friend canoe trip. last night my throat started hurting and i was hoping it was just bad allergies but when i woke up today and tried to swallow, it felt like sandpaper. my head is pounding and i’m upset that i can’t be laying in a canoe, drinking beer, hanging out with hannah and family/friends. 

i’m currently laying in my bed trying to swallow the least i can without drooling all over the place. a pleasant image, i know. 

speaking of imagines, a newly found friend of my, Brandon, gave me a book about Banksy. Banksy is the guy who does all those graffiti images of the girl and the heart balloon, or rats, or soldiers holding flowers. i’ve always enjoyed randomly stumbling upon his work but ever since i got this book i can’t put it down. he’s a fascinating person and his art is so much more than random paint on a wall and he actually has a lot to say,

“only when the last tree has been cut down and the last river has dried to a trickle will man finally realize that we cannot eat money and reciting old proverbs makes you sound like a twat.”

“it takes a lot of guts to stand up anonymously in a western democracy and call for things no-one believes in – like peace and justice and freedom.”




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