things that i like:

trail mix

acoustic guitar

driving with the windows down


fuzzy pillows

foot rests

bananas in my cereal


little kids


finding shapes in the cloud

sprinkles on ice cream cones


the noise a Snapple bottle makes when you open it for the first time

people watching


peeling an orange in one piece

and professors that let me call them by their first name

i’ve noticed that the professors who insist you say “professor” or “doctor” when addressing them are the most boring. they’re the ones who don’t let you be creative. they take their job too seriously and show up ready to teach but not ready to relate. i relate to my favorite teachers because they want to relate to me. i want to be a teacher that students can relate to…i don’t know if i would know how to be one of those people who put notes up on the board and call it a day. i like conversation. i think it’s the best way to learn things. that’s why i like when rooms have seating arranged in a circle, that way i can see everybody’s face.

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