so, a couple semesters ago i took a “music for elementary school teachers” class. it basically consisted of playing the recorder, singing mary had a little lamb, and playing the piano. totally cool. well, that was one out of two electives i need to take to get a degree in education. the two other electives i could choose from are some sort of art or a class called “IET”. i had a drag of an art class here my freshman year that actually ended up bringing down my GPA (the exact opposite reason of why i took it). so, naturally, i opted for this other “IET” class not really knowing what to expect.

on the first day of class our teacher (he’s one of the teachers that lets us call him whatever we want so i automatically began liking him right away), Pap, told us all the cool stuff we’re going to be doing. turns out the class is called “technology for kids”, however, it has nothing to do with computers. i signed up for a shop class. we’re going to be making cutting boards out of wood and bird houses and picture frames. and the best part is we get to use all these cool machines that i would never know how to work otherwise. it’s also the only class i have on thursdays and it ends at 10:45 so that’s an extra bonus.


things i like the smell of:

saw dust


(clean) cat liter

that wormy smell after it rains

rubber soles on shoes (new of course)

grass after it’s been cut


puppy paws

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