I find it sad the log in page of wordpress didn’t recognize me. My search bar didn’t even predict where I was going when I was typing in my own site.

It just goes to show I got a little distracted. My last post is from October. I was freshly back to school and unsure of what the semester had to offer. I knew I didn’t really want to be back in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. But I also knew there was nothing I could do. 

Most of my friends had graduated, left Central, and even moved out of Michigan. I had just had the summer of my life in the Colorado Mountains and I was in classes that didn’t seem to relate to my inner beliefs. We’re a few days into January now, a whole “new year” I supposed. I hesitate saying that because I never feel like the year really starts in January. My year starts with Fall and ends with Summer. That’s how public education has taught me to feel. Anyways, first semester is long over and second semester is creeping up slowly.

As much as I dreaded the work load last semester, I’m kind of looking forward to going back.

Lately I’ve been having this whole quarter life crisis, I guess you could call it. Continually I ask myself where I’m going and what I’m even doing here. I’ve been utterly confused by the whole lack of direction thing, and as useless as I feel classes are sometimes, at least they give me something to consider; something to do.