weekly photo challenge: geometry


i’m not sure if geometry taught me that railroad tracks are parallel to one another, but either way, they do and i’m convinced that geometry has something to do with it. right now, i’m in a class called MTH 152. it’s basic math for people who will someday maybe be teaching elementary math to a class full of young minds. we play with tanagrams and geoboards. sometimes, my classes choose to actually relate to my life and interject in the form of thoughts like “wow, that telephone wire pole forms supplementary angles, adjacent angles, and it is created with parallel lines so there are inner angles and transversal angles.” basically, all of that lingo was just on a test in MTH 152, so i’m happy i actually learned something. on the other hand, i’m still not even sure if that’s part of geometry. regardless, i think this picture is full of geometry.

it was taken a few blocks away from my old house. my friend, B, and i explored the woods one day and this was one of our ending locations before we made the chilly trek back to my apartment. i think this is a perfect example of how the sky can still look like midday but if you look down night has already fallen on us with it’s orange-ish colors street lights and dark shadows.

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