it’s Halloween! people have been celebrating all weekend but today is the actual day. last year i found my favorite costume i’ve ever had (except for the skunk costume my mom made for me in elementary school. yeah, a skunk. it was awesomely different and if i happen to find a picture of it i will post it for sure). this year, along with last year, i am sporting the little kid towel costume i found at a thrift store sometime last year. it’s a Tigger costume that sings a song. the song goes like this:

best friends, Tigger and Pooh.
they’re always there for each other.

it’s tune is fading little by little with every push of the hidden button on my chest, but it’s still just as humorous as it was the first day i discovered it. this towel has a hood with ears, a mini tail in the back, and i sewed together the sides so it wouldn’t flop all over the place when i was enjoying some Halloween festivities.

to really get in the Halloween spirit i went over to my friend, Paige’s, house before my night class. last night i painted a skeleton structure on her face and she wanted the same thing but a little bit different. i’m always up for an artistic challenge so i got my painting hands ready and headed to her house. after finishing her face, i ran back to my apartment to get myself ready. this included finding all the orange and black clothes i own and throwing on my costume with some eye liner whiskers and a nose. now we’re sitting in class…very attentively.

Imagecan’t you just tell we’re going to be teachers in the future? we’re two out of three people who dressed up…the other girl sits at the front of the room. she’s a pig…just today, not everyday. i’m not rude like that.


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