It’s not Thanksgiving but..

It’s not Thanksgiving but here is what I am thankful for:

1. Quiet mornings
2. Children making jokes that aren’t funny. But they laugh really hard anyway.
3. When my cat chases it’s own tail.
4. Growing up in a house that embraced “teaching” moments, rather than arguments.
5. Mountains.
6. The ability to connect to people online.
7. Egg sandwiches.
8. The knowledge I have found through Central Michigan University, friends, family, and experiences.
9. Warm nights with bonfires.
10. Traveling anywhere, but especially abroad.
11. Poetry.
12. The tin full of cookies my Grandma sent me.
13. Tents.
14. Coffee mugs.
15. Unexpected naps.
16. Netflix
17. Kitten cuddles.
18. Baby cuddles.
19. Having a house that keeps me warm.
20. For saying, “I don’t have room in the fridge for this food right now.”
21. Beer.
22. Hashbrowns.
23. NOT country potatoes.
24. Having a car.
25. My bed.
26. Meeting people who like to craft.
27. Good smelling things like cologne, lavender, pizza, candles, and Spring.
28. Phone calls with my mom and dad.
29. My traveling friend, Hannah, who always seems to get it.
30. My dreadlocks.
31. Cultural awareness.
32. Late nights without having to set an alarm in the morning.
33. Chairs from Goodwill.
34. Antique stores.
35. People who love to share their story.


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