On Moving

We are the dust bunnies-
-The doors that hangs a little more crooked than our friends.
She has me locked at the hinges.
We are time bombs with long tickers that have yet to be lit.
We don’t fit in cardboard boxes but we both know how much my cats love them so we bring them home anyway and unpack.
We are the balls of tape-
-The not so sticky, sticky part.
She is the packing peanut that static clings to my shirtsleeve.
We have so much space left to fill with our togetherness.
We are the new house keys on an old lanyard-
-The fresh paint on uneven walls.
She wipes me clean like windex.
We are the messing up of a freshly made bed-
-The first time your head hits the pillow moment.
She is the first shine of light through the blinds in the morning.
We are hot coffee all sugared up-
-The scrambling of eggs.
She is my favorite breakfast.
And my favorite goodnight.


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