Last Night in the City

I sit, perched on a window sill, curtain drawn. Chet Faker sings so sweetly to me from my computer screen and I’m typing. Just like Paige is typing outside my navy blue curtained-wall. She’s writing reflections for class. I finished mine not too long ago and am a couple beers deep. It’s the last night it Denmark and it is so incredibly bittersweet.

As I think of boarding a plane tomorrow I can’t help but feel as if my time here is not over. Something about this place feels unexplored. We spent the majority of our time here in Copenhagen, a fairly big city in Denmark terms. The other nights were spent in a smaller city called Aarus. To get to one from the other we had to take a bus onto a ferry and make our way across the water. During this bus ride we drove through green hills, trees, farm lands, animals, and wind turbines. It was a green country like land that I have yet to know. I would love to stay longer and get out of this city. Although it’s not as smog covered as other cities I’ve been too (thank you, bikers) it’s still a city. It has that busy feel.

I don’t really care to be a busy person. Casual is me. Cities tend to move too quickly.

It’s nearly 11pm here and the sun is barely passed the horizon. The sky still glows blue and the clouds only cover the orange-pink sunset glow enough to turn plum. There are few cars driving by below me. Tonight we got lucky enough to be placed on the twelfth floor. It’s nice to be high up, above things, looking down on that busy city without having to be in it. I can appreciate it more when the noise is muffled by distance.

Tivoli is glowing, the amusement park we went to at the beginning of our trip. We wrong on swings that went 800 meters in the air, high enough to see all of Copenhagen. As I look out my window now I can’t help but think we should have spent that 13 dollars for the ride on the ride that mimics the Power Tower and Cedar Point. I can see the people rise and sit for a moment, hanging there above the city long enough to get a good look before the drop back down to solid ground. It’s one my favorite rides at Cedar Point so I could only imagine it would be just as fun in a city like this. I’m not too upset with our choice of swings because we did get to meet Steven Tyler, but nevertheless, the off brand Power Tower would be neat.

Tomorrow I hope on the train and head to the airport. Paige and I have another long flight back to Canada, and then another flight back to Detroit. It’s a long day of travel, but I’ve heard the jet lag doesn’t hit you as hard going to the US from here as it does coming this way. We’ll see, but either way, tonight, I say goodbye to Copenhagen and see you later to Denmark.

This is an opportunity I am truly thankful for.

denmark sun

Sunset from the twelfth floor of Danhostel, Copenhagen, Denmark.



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