The Start of Summer

I’ve been done with the Spring semester for quite some time now, however I just now finished four days of 9-5 classes to prepare me for my studying abroad trip. It’s finally starting to feel real. A couple days ago my professor sent me a picture from the hostel I’m going to be staying in once I arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark. It looks beautiful; the sun is setting, the water is calm, the air looks fresh, and I cannot wait to be standing there alongside of him and a group of wonderful students like myself.  Copenhagen, Denmark.

It feels like not too long ago that I was preparing myself for a trip to Kenya. I had never been on a plane ride longer than Michigan to California before and I was going to a country where everything was going to be new. There was a lot of unknowns then. Now, however, my professor has google docs for the itinerary, for the flight information, for the room and board, for extra curriculars. He’s got it all planned out for us, and for that, I am grateful.

The excitement is slowly starting to fill me up as I check over my packing list a final time. Today marks a start of an all new adventure: studying abroad.


2 thoughts on “The Start of Summer

  1. Emily, I look forward to following your adventures….I appreciate you sharing with us and I especially appreciate your poetry and way with words. Safe journeys dear niece!

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