Today I am grey
My skin is pepper specks
My heart is concrete
It’s not beating as strongly as it has before
My fingernails are river beds and my hands are mucky water stirred up by my own two feet
Today I am grey
My hair falls like a spider’s web
My knees are ash
They aren’t as sturdy as they have been before
My eyes are an etch-e-sketch and my vision is a child’s frustration as they shake me clean
Today I am grey
I am between blinding light and blinding darkness
I am between clouds and the ocean floor
I am between tanning beds and basements
My elbows bend like wire hangers
My thighs shake like chalk dust
I must not be as strong as I have been before
My shoulders roll like avalanches and my mind is the mountain top just trying to let me down gently
Today I am grey

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