Procrastination Problem

Things I would rather do than study:

-scroll mindlessly through the internet
-check my phone…again
-tap my feet
-stare at all the cracks and holes in my wall
-walk to the kitchen
-light a candle
-sit down
-stand up
-play my drum
-listen to music
-take a shower
-eat a grape fruit
-drink some tea
-check my phone
-scroll through the same internet posts
-make my bed
-clean my room
-have a beer
-arts and crafts
-make a list of things i would rather do than study
-count how many pens i have
-text someone
-put my shoes away
-change my socks
-go to the bathroom
-turn on my christmas lights
-look in the mirror
-drink some water
-check the internet
-think about studying
-stare at my study guide
-turn the page but not read
-lay on the couch
-lay on the floor
-pet my cat
-browse the internet

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