Brave-faced I sit in class.
I put on this mask before my backpack gets thrown over my shoulder and I walk up to those steps-
Second floor…
                Done this before.
Walking these same steps
Taking these same breaths
It’s monotonous
      Monochromatic doors
                 Same color tiled floors
White tiled ceilings
White board washed walls
It’s appalling
Graveling over content
      Grumbling and stumbling-
Bullshitting through papers
I’m numb to this
My fingers grew cold-lettered last year
I’ve mastered it,
Procrastinated it as long as I can
               To keep sane,
To keep my brain from exploding out of my mouth
               mixing with chunks of my lungs
                        smoldering with the ashes of each wish I’ve ever made
I put on this brave-face with my collared shirt and tan shoes
I sit in class
        Raise my hand
               And cooperate
Since I’m already two years late for my passion
I’m blue-faced from boredom
            Exhaling with exhaustion
I use syllabi as numbing cream and Blackboard for bubble bath
All to mask my appetite for
                                A different

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