Camp: Summer 2

A few days ago I had a conversation with the Program Director at Rocky Mountain Village, the camp I worked for over the summer. She asked me some questions, I gave some answers, and…I got a job!

At the beginning of this school year, I couldn’t dream of doing anything other than camp this up coming summer. I knew I needed to go back to get some more camp love. During the middle of first semester, I learned that I need one more class before I did student teaching, and my schedule for second semester was already full. Realizing I needed to pray to the class scheduling gods, I got online to look up summer availability for SPE 522. The only session? Monday-Thursday 6-10pm for four weeks. That sounded awful to me, but I was sulking at the thought of another month spent in mount pleasant, michigan while I could be working at camp.

Then, a few days later, I found an opportunity to study abroad in Denmark for special education. What classes were they offering? SPE 522 and SPE 519. The Denmark opportunity was a must in order for me to keep my sanity, but that meant raising money for the program, plane tickets, and tuition. My family has helped me travel before (many of you may remember my Kenyan travels) and I didn’t feel right asking for them to help me again, so I started saving. As the money in my account starting increasing, the reality of Denmark set in and all of a sudden…


I was hit with the thought of not being able to get a job at camp because Denmark cuts half way into the camp season. I knew I would be welcome to come back and volunteer during the weeks I was back in the States, but with being one summer away from student teaching (unpaid) I knew I needed to have the time to make some cash before next school year, and a volunteer position would keep me from being able to do so. 

All of my sadness crept away as the Program Director said they would split a position for me. 

I am returning to the great Rocky Mountain Village for another summer living the camp dream after a few weeks stay in Denmark. Suddenly, my future is looking pretty hot.




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