Sleeping Dreamer

You’re a sleeping dreamer in that you never let your ambition get out of bed in the morning when you throw on your three day old socks-
Too broke for laundry detergent and too pathetic to even recognize laziness when you see it
You sit in your destiny like a shit filled diaper, letting it smear you with the waste your body couldn’t stomach
At least you know what you can handle
But you’re a walking dream catcher who cares too much about everyone else’s future plans
You can’t even picture where you’re going
Or what you love
You can’t describe what your passion is
There’s a passion pit in your heart pumping question marks through your bloodstream
Why can’t you learn to scream your shortcomings at the mirror for motivation to stop being so complacent
You’re so content with sitting on your couch surrounded by week old mess created in a desperate attempt to feel something
Drinking does not make you feel nothing
Thinking that finding fake friends will replace memories is false
You’re a lost dream who slid out of your mother’s womb
Full of wishes for an offspring
You’re a spring board absorbing only enough to project back defeat
You deflated a long time ago
Leaving only your wrinkled skin as proof that you once were full of breath

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