Pre-framed Pictures


I bought a couple of frames from the junk store down the street the other week. They were each 99 cents and in fairly good condition. Today I pulled out one of the pictures that came prepackaged in the wooden frame and I stared at it for a little while. From my observation came this poem:

So they weeped
The widows that willowed over in their skin that sank from all the years the wind blew wrinkles from their eye creases
They weren’t exactly sad,
Just feeling their years
They were never told their bark was worse than their bite
Because it was only at night that they howled at soft pillows made of clouds
Everyone knew it though
Everyone could see gravity getting the best of the leaves they left for families
Everyone saw their trunk cracking but no one said anything
No one had the audacity to treat the elderly with blunt honesty
And honestly,
The widows wouldn’t have listening anyways
They were too busy shading children from real life tragedies
They still understand what it means to be innocent
Sometimes it’s hard to know so much
They weep for their own sanity
Not because they plan to be miserable.
They know life is filled with more sun than that.


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