A few friends from Word Hammer, the slam poetry club I’m in at Central came over today for a rainy day full of hot chocolate and writing. One of the prompts we decided on was the ABC prompt. Every line has to start with the next letter of the alphabet. I cheated by throwing in “and” beforehand but here it is.


About ten years ago I didn’t day dream.
Big ideas didn’t flow through my finger tips,
Concepts of far stretched land,
Dark nights lit by dancing fires,
and Endings that started too soon hadn’t yet fallen into my vision.
For about ten years now I’ve been developing thoughts that thrive on adventuring–
Going every where I can see on a map,
However, about ten years back, I hated walking.
I joked with friends about needing a hover-round for window shopping in crowded
                malls populated by overly “mature” 12-year-old girls.
Just ten years ago my days were lined with makeup.
Keeping up with “fashion” seemed to actually make sense and I never felt lonely.
Loneliness doesn’t come when you don’t miss your own friends.
Mischievous summer nights kept my empty dreams occupied like a screen saver.
Nights of flashing boys through windows,
Opening my jeans just to tease the heads on premature dicks,
Pushing my ass against them when I walked by…
Questions only stemmed from other people’s opinions, not my own morals or ignorance.
Reaching belly laughter was easily initiated.
Staying up late happened when someone had something interesting to say on instant messaging.
Ten years ago my days were my dreams because I hadn’t yet learned to dream
                of more favorable days.
Unoriginally, I’m sure I wasn’t alone.
Values of importance form later,
When all the truth or dare make out games get replaced with road trips next to good company.
Xerox copied memories printed in 12 year old friendships become laughs and dismissive
               head shakes.
Young comes with a price:
Zero concept of day dreaming.

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