Going from A-Z, once a week writing a post with the corresponding letter. I’ve missed the first 9 weeks but better late than never!



That, right there, on the right, is Justine. She was a fellow counselor this summer and an absolute Joy to be around. Throughout the summer Justine and I cleaned dirty briefs together, helped campers shower, traded campers if necessary, and all around spent a lot of time together. She was just one of the many unexpected friendships I found at camp. If I ever woke up in a bad mood I could bet that Justine would come up with some crazy one liner that lifted my spirits before I could even think about frowning. 

One of our campers had a very, very silly sense of humor and randomly decided to dress in a ninja turtle outfit with a tarantula wig for our weekly dance on Thursday night (originally she had a bright red wig on but changed it last minute). The camper alone in this outfit was a sight to see. It was hilarious, really. About three weeks ago I go on Instagram and see one of the most brilliant picture I have ever seen. Here it is:



Our camper is on the right, Justine is on the left, and they are both rocking one of the best put together costumes I saw all summer (Misses Clause riding a tricyle miiight have them beat, it’s hard to say).

Anyways, this is just a small clip of the joyous Justine, truly one of my favorite people.


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