I think I’ve been watching too much HGTV…

Today, as I lazily sat on my couch listening to music, procrastinating the cleaning/unpacking process that is my room, I looked down. What I saw was nothing new. It was nothing I hadn’t seen before. In fact, I’ve been living with this pink and purple pillow for five years now. When I was moving into my dorm room at CMU my mom went out and graciously bought me four pillows to put on our couch to make it look more…lived in. Dorm room decorating ain’t no joke, people.

Two pillows were pink and purple on either side. The other two pillows were green and blue. Just to be clear, the colors were more on the neon side than neutral. ImageThey worked in our dorm room but five years later and the style of my living quarters has kind of changed. Most everything is a neutral color. We stick to a lot of tans and beiges. Some dark maroon and forest green thrown in. Maybe some blue here and there. Somehow throughout my college years I have lost all three of the other pillows. I don’t know where they went or what happened to them but this pillow that sits on my couch is the only survivor. My roommate disliked the pillow and talked about covering it multiple times, even though, if my memory recalls correctly, she had a neon pink computer chair and purple sorority pillow sitting on top of it…hmm (sorry, Han ;] ).

Today, after my friend left I felt Hannah’s frustration with this neon pillow.
Image had had enough of it’s bright colors and I decided to cover it. First, I thought t-shirt. Then I thought sweater because it would be softer on the skin but then, finally, I remember a bag of clothes I’ve had stacked away for a week ready to take to GoodWill.

I reached inside and pulled out one of my used-to-be-favorite articles of clothing. It was one of my first finds during my newly found appreciation for thrifting back in the day. I was proud of it and I thought it was really cool.

I just recently decided that I didn’t wear it more than it sat on my shelf (along with some other sweaters and shirts) so I bagged it hoping to forget about it once I gave it away. It’s soft, kind of furry actually and it was perfect for my new pillow case cover. I shoved the pillow inside and it was nearly a perfect fit, which just justified me cutting it to shreds instead of donating it to another person’s closet. People seem to have way too many clothes these days anyways…

First, I cut off the sleeves.


Then I cut the bottom into strips like those commonly made fleece tie blankets.


I repeated the process with the side…


…but then I realized that I “measured” incorrectly and had less fabric than anticipated on the other side of the shirt so I had to be creative and just the hole where the arm was got tied. Oops. But whatever, asymmetrical stuff is in, right?

Also, I put “measured” in quotes because I don’t ever actually measure things when I craft. It’s always a rough guestimation. I eye ball things or use some part of my arm or finger to get a more precise size. It usually works out, and when it doesn’t I make it work anyways. Tim Gunn would be so proud of me…

I cut the patterned strips from the sleeves (the coolest part of the shirt, in my opinion) and used them as ties on the top of the pillow case. ImageOnce again, I hadn’t measured very well so the sides were uneven and I had to finagle something good.

I took a couple of breaks, walked around a little bit when frustration set in, and then I finally sat back down and got to it. Truth is, I was a little intimidated by a faulty snip of my scissors, but everything worked out fine. Just like I would tie two strips together, I cut holes in the pillow case and just threaded the patterned strip. I think it looks pretty cool.


I used the front button of the shirt instead of tying it over with a strip of fabric.


It blends in pretty well on our couch. It’s more comfortable to touch, feels cleaner, and I’m pretty impressed with my crafting abilities on this one.


The pattern strip even matches the colors on the couch.



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