I’m thanking for automatic car doors and stores that sell original works of art.
Apart from tiny little pebbles stuck in my shoe, I really enjoy rocks
But pebbles are important too.
Like pedals on flowers, they hold things together
In rainy weather they might get slick but they stick to their roots.
I’m rooted in Michigan but I expand to lands across the country
And across oceans, too.
You might not believe me but I’m thankful for long plane rides
And rubbing up against the sides of strangers
It reminds me how passing by feels.
Sometimes I feel too much…
Like soft blankets and puppy dog tails
But other times I don’t feel at all
It all depends on the texture.
I’ve cured my disgust for chunky cottage cheese by eating it more often but I still can’t stomach tapioca pudding.
I’m more of a chocolate fan.
I’m extremely thankful for chocolate.
Especially when the cravings won’t subside
Hershey’s has got me covered.
I’m thankful for music that makes me dance
And rain that does the same.
Loud thunder reminds me how small I am and how my insides can rumble without hunger
I’m thankful that I rarely feel hunger
And even when I do it’s nothing compared to other’s.
I’m thankful for a lot of things,
Like speech,
Vacations with friends,
Car rides with family,
Flowers that smell as pretty as they look,
And couches that let me sink into them.


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