Ripples in water can move mountains
While the mountains can hide the moon
It all depends on where you stand
I’ve been three feet deep in earth’s wrinkles Image
I walked her cracks in California
Now I’m standing on her back
Touching her jagged edges with my feet
We all have them
Peaks of elation
Those valleys of relationships gone bad
Stone cold hearts the size of Red Rocks
I have some rough edges
A hard exterior is a false facade hiding smiles
These mountains stretch for miles across the Colorado land
They stand tall
Tickling clouds
Shadowing over the moon
And they can be somewhat intimidating
Creating the sensation of being smaller than I really am
I know I am only human sized
While the size of this land is more grand than I’ve ever seen
Rocks are splintered by rivers
Shivers cover my skin when I begin to think about leaving here
I don’t want to leave here


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