Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable.

Starting earlier this summer I’ve been spending my weekdays with some of the most phenomenal people I’ve ever met. They’ve come in forms of 60 year old ladies, seven year old boys, and all ages and genders in between. Working at a summer camp for people with different abilities has not only opened my eyes to the shocking happiness that can occur here in these Colorado mountains, but it has showed me some great companions.

Two weeks ago the camp paired up with MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association) and we had little boys and girls running, wheeling, and piggyback-riding all over camp. One boy brought his companion dog. Image

He had just recently gotten the pup, so the dog was fairly new to the job and being in a pretty chaotic environment became too overwhelming for this service puppy. Because of this, his owner decided to take off the dog’s vest and let him roam the camp freely. By no means did this stop the dog from being next to his friend’s side day in and day out, but it did give other campers (and counselors) the opportunity to enjoy petting the furry little guy.

On one day in particular I snapped a shot of our lifeguard cuddling this dog as another smaller boy tried to get in on the doggy action. To me, there is just way too much cuteness in this picture for words, but more than anything it shows a great example of an incredible four-legged companion. The dog was just as eager to love everyone as they were excited to pet him. I guess dogs really can be a man’s best friend.



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