A Word A Week Challenge: Sleep



That’s Kitty. She’s precious and terrifyingly mean at times but she’s just misunderstood. Cuddles are on her terms and if you wake her up from a nap you can bet she’ll start to lick you, grab you with her adorable little paws, and then bite the hell out of your hand. She gives you a false sense of security in your petting at first, but really she just wants to be left alone.

Especially when she’s asleep.

When this cat sleeps she is ten times more squeezable looking than when she’s awake (and even when she’s awake she’s really fricken cute). 



I mean, COME ON. Her cuteness level is out of this world.



Just look at her little belly.

I love when I come into the room and see this sleepy kitty sprawled out on the couch or on my bed or curled up in a chair. I can’t help but smile at the amount her fuzzy little cheeks make me wanna cuddle the hell out of her. Too bad she’s only somewhat receptive to my arms being wrapped around her neck during her nap…I can’t imagine why.


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