Random Poems

I’ve been slacking on the posts lately, so I figured I’d share some of the “off the blog” writing I’ve been doing. And it’s poetry month so I might as well poem things!


Walking up the same steps
Taking the same breaths
Day in and breathe out
I mean
Day out
Breathe in
Soak it in
Day in and day out
Get out of this world into a corner of your mind
Find the deafening silence soothing


I sailed to Saturn so I could feel big again
The infinite weightlessness filled me up to empty
I was high off galaxies and that shit doesn’t come cheap
Nuclear gasoline
It beats sipping on all that earth-leen
I’m and earthling
I wanted to quit that earth thing
Brain flew into space dreams and all of a sudden I ended up at Neptene
Or Neptune–looks like I missed a left at that third moon
It’s times like these I wish I wasn’t a lunar
I set sail with no wind at my back
This is when I learned gravity has it’s perks–or a set of them
I can’t escape my space dream
It holds me in captivity
This is my reality
I need to feel gravity pulling my mind towards sanity
I have to fly back into orbit
(This poem was written with my beautiful friend, Sam. I cannot take full credit)


They named the Earth
But they pave concrete band aids onto her back 
Trying to stitch the wounds they inflicted
How unfair is that?


They bruise easier the older they get
It seems like every hit comes with an overwhelming blow
I know I fell a lot as a kid
I’ve got scars on my knees to prove it
But little kids sit crossed legged without ever losing sensation in their never sleepy feet
They don’t bruise as easy when they’re young
They’re malluable like the play dough at free time
They rhyme words for a challenge
The most challenging obstacle they face is who they’re going to call their best friend
I envy their creativity
They bruise easier as they get older
With all the colder hearts they meet they melt into their seat instead of standing up because it’s easier on their now tired feet
They can only run from the confusion for so long before it dawns on them
Their heart is eggplant purple with hints of blueberry hues
They cue a smile in front of their friends
Don’t even know the dreams of an end

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