a word a week: color

I’ve never been big on drinking games.

I get bored with beer pong because it simply just takes too long sometimes. Waterfall is the most unpleasant because it forces you to chug your beverage and since I usually play with beer I’m forced to try and choke down all of this fizzy liquid longer than the person next to me…not cool.

Last year, however, my roommate, Chelsea, brought a drinking game into our house that I happen to absolutely love. I’m not sure what it’s called but for the sake of describing it I’ll call it the “Card Board Box Game” or CBBG for short. Basically, you write your name and draw a shape around it on the flattened card board box. The catch? Everyone ends up flipping a coin onto the board, and if it lands on your name/shape…you drink. So it’s up to the person on whether they want to draw a huge star around their name or a tiny, unoriginal circle. I usually stick to an abstract shape that’s mediocre in size.

As the coin makes it’s way around the table, everyone flips, landing either on someone’s name or an empty space. If it lands in an empty space they then draw another shape and create a “rule” that has to be followed if someone else lands on it. For example, talk in a British accent is a common go to. Or, a rule that I picked up from my mom and her college friends, you can’t point (which is rather hard for people who have been drinking). The rules can get pretty interesting and I’ll admit, I’ve ended up watching people with their pants down do a hula dance while talking in Pig Latin with a British accent.

Now, I love drawing. Doodling is one of my favorite activities to do along with being creative in anyway. The whole idea of drawing a shape (fun!) and then creating some ridiculous rule that I, myself, hope to avoid on my next flip but would cause total uncontrollable laughter while watching someone else do it really thrills me. I love it. It’s fun and upbeat.

A while ago we broke out the CBBG during a random night of drinking at my apartment. There wasn’t that many people (maybe five or six) but this game is better played with a smaller group. During this CBBG I created a rule that I thought was rather humorous…

Whoever landed on the shape I drew had to let the person to their left color on their face with a marker. Obviously, I really like drawing and sticking to the card board box wasn’t good enough…

And then…it happened. My friend, B, who happened to be sitting to my right, landed on the shape. I could feel my smirk growing bigger and the excitement in my fingers rising as I reached for a marker off the table. I thought it was only appropriate to draw a mustache and unibrow. Then I added the nose ring as a last minute spruce up.

ImageI have to say, I was a pretty good friend by grabbing the color pink. It came off pretty easily and was barely noticeable without the flash of my camera. My friend, Ashley, on the other hand, was not so lucky. She was sitting next to my dear friend Rhodes who showed no mercy when she landed on my shape. She ended up with purple facial hair…



Her and her sideburns were looking pretty dapper if you ask me…


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