Daily Prompt: Competition

Okay, so this “daily” prompt might be a couple of days late…whoops.

It would be wrong of me to lie and say I always let the kids I babysit win when I play games with them. In fact, I’m the most competitive around those little buggers. I look at it this way…

A three year old is beating me in Candyland?! That’s bogus! Even though Candyland doesn’t require much more skill than being about to pick up a card and move your player, I don’t like to contribute it to luck. Those kids honestly know the secret to that game. Every time I’m within four spaces of the end I pull up the plum card that sends me practically back to the start. The three year olds? They’ll be losing the whole game and at the last minute draw the only card that can shoot them passed every obstacle in the game to the Lollipop Princess (or whatever) and they swoop in for the win! It’s outrageous. 

Little kids also like to just…make up rules. I’ve seen people go along with every rule a kid has made but not me. I’m way too competitive to let this little snot come in here and think she can just make up a rule about how she gets to move forward five spaces and I have to move backwards…it ain’t happening. I’m going to reply with a rule that sends her falling back to the start as I sprint towards the finish line. Some may say, “But, Emily…that’s not fair to the child…”


As a future teacher, I was taught that being fair is about giving everyone what they need. If one kid needs a step stool to see over the fence but another does not, then so be it, one gets a step stool and one does not. The fairness comes in when they are both able to see over the fence into the neighbors yard, not the means in getting them to the required height to do so.

So, as I see it, if these little game winning monsters are beating me, they do not need any extra help in order for the game to be fair.

And plus, they usually skip extra spaces when they count out their turn anyways and I let it slide…


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