A Word A Week: Action

Over my spring break my roommate and I, Hannah, visited my aunt and uncle out in California. They live on top of a mountain in Paso Robles on Adelaida Springs Ranch and started a vineyard to eventually produce Rangeland Wines (I’m not typically a fan of red wine but I must admit…every night I was there I had a glass…or two). They were kind enough to open their home to us for a few days as we spent hours roaming their land and playing with their animals. Arrow, my aunt’s dog is big into fetch. That guy will run for days.


Arrow would run after whatever it is you decided to throw for him, bring it back, drop it way too far away from you to reach and then just stare at it in hopes of getting another short fetch out of the deal. I must admit, sometimes I really did not feel like playing fetch. Sometimes, I did not want to reach over and exert enough force to throw his toy far enough away to keep him occupied. After all, he was quick. As I found myself trying to ignore him I would at first tell myself (and him) that I simply did not feel like it and I absolutely was not going to do it, however, he is a very determined dog. He would stare for hours if he had to and he’s so freaking cute I always caved and ended up throwing him his toy. No matter where we were, Arrow was sure to follow with his mouth wrapped around a stick or toy.Image

On our first walk alone around the ranch, Hannah and I ended up picking up Arrow and his friend. For the whole walk we did not know the other dogs name so I just started calling her Lucy. It turns out, Lucy was not her name, and since I lied to myself the whole time I can no longer even think of her correct name…

Regardless of Lucy’s real name, she was just as quick as Arrow and just as eager to play with us. They would run side by side and race to the toy. They stayed close to one another and if there was ever a doubt about their whereabouts a quick yell of Arrow’s name and they were both soon back by our sides. I’m not exaggerating when I say they did everything together. I’ve never seen two dogs play fetch with the same object before, but they managed to do it well….


Perfect fetching form if you ask me.

After a long walk we laid in the grass by a fallen long. The dogs at first were still exploring, but they eventually set their toy down to join us in some relaxation.

ImageDon’t let their calm exteriors fool you, these dogs were always ready for action.

ps-How gorgeous is my aunt and uncle’s backyard?


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