You are complex but easy. You stay to yourself. I don’t know how you do it…all the internal conversations at once. You’re always trying to remember something and you’re beginning to learn that writing things down helps. You still forget. The trains of thought move too fast for you, but then again, you’ve never enjoyed the idea of wait time. You were always the first to answer. The teacher’s go-to because they knew you knew the answer and when no one else was paying attention you let the awkward silence eat away at your core. You hated core subjects. They were always too simple but the work load was perfect: homework you were able to bullshit. You’re not lazy, you just get bored easily…it’s the Aries in you. You thinking answers have too many anchors and you’re okay with quoting Andrea Gibson because her words are placed to gently next to each other but they come packing quite the punch with every tongue to teeth sound. Your favorite passed time is creating. Creation is always changing, like your mind that can’t be tied down by the present situation. You are going home just to be faceless. Those makeup girls at the mall don’t pester you anymore, they don’t spritz you with perfume, they just make room for you to walk by. You’re not interested in wearing a mask. You know you are different in the best way you can be. You know difference are what allowed there to be enough swings on the playground because some kids were too busy on the monkey bars. You’ve never had enough upper body strength to enjoy swinging from your wrists. You know monkeys are intelligent and their tails are strong. Your tales of foreign travel make you strong. You know you grew too fast for Farmington Hills leaving stretched marks of courage on your palms and dust on your bedroom shelves. You built yourself. You screwed in every skewed conclusion you’ve ever come to. You healed every cut into story length scars and you covered yourself in cotton colors that suited your mood. You used to prefer blue but now it’s purple. But some days…it’s orange. You are indecisive and selfish but you have the kindest soul. 


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