A Word A Week Challenge: Dance

On a typical day in my apartment the music is playing over the surround sound speakers in the living room, someone may or may not be sitting in a chair or lounging on the couch. Someone else is probably stumbling around the kitchen drying to create some delicious tasting treat.

While all of these things can be happening (along with many more including cat watching, cleaning, and napping), my roommate is always, always, always dancing.

Her dance usually consists of a kind of shuffle where her feet alternate going forward…then backwards…then forward all over again. This shuffle is then accompanied by a clapping that typically does not go to the beat of the song, but it works in a strange, off beat way. 

On this particular day Hannah fancied twirling every part of her body in a different way.Image

This was a few weeks ago, but if I can recall correctly, we were in the middle of cleaning our apartment. Cleaning, in our apartment, is either a quick 5 minute power clean, or an all day type of thing. This picture was taken during an all day, never stop, hit every room with a cleaning tornado type of day. This was obviously during one of her many dancing breaks. I can’t complain at the lack of cleaning because I, myself, took the time to whip out my camera, climb on a chair, and take a few shots of our cleaning progress (along with the dance session).



She will forever be my roommate.


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