Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

During a voluntary cuddle session with our cat, Phoenix, my roommate and I decided to move forward with the idea of dressing her in the sweater that once belonged to my childhood teddy bear.

It’s a nice navy blue sweater with an American flag on. I’m so patriotic…Image

Needless to say, Phoenix wasn’t too fond of the idea and whined the whole time Hannah dressed her. We tried to explain that she would soon thank us for the warmth this sweater provides her, but it’s hard to explain something like that to a cat who, frankly, isn’t interested in anything you have to say.



If looks could kill…I’m almost 96% sure Hannah and I would both have been dead. We decided to take the rather humorously dressed cat and place her on the ground, just to see what she would do. It turns out it’s almost impossible for a cat to move forward in a sweater. She was in a permanent cat squat, so to say.Image From her personality I thought she was going to go close to bat-shit crazy and starting jotting to every corner in the room as if she was terribly frightened. That, however, is not the response we got. Instead of moving forward Phoenix just…laid down as if to say,

“Oh, a sweater! I can’t move onward!”

This would, of course, be accompanied by the back of her palm hitting her forehead for dramatic effects. That is…if she was human.


After a while she did end up getting up and exploring the house again. Although she was more timid about climbing on stuff (by no means is that a complaint) she was still exploring. I think she even ended up enjoying her sweater. She even went as far as giving my teddy bear a hug to thank him for his generous sweater donation.



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