Quote On Drugs

My friend, Brandyn (also doubles as my roommate, Hannah’s, boyfriend at times) is a very knowledgeable young man. I would trust that he would have an answer for probably 97% of the questions that could possibly pop into my head. I’m talkin’, sits down and reads a whole book in a day and spends hours looking up studies to prove (or disprove) any “fact”. It’s rather nice for me because I don’t have to do any of the actual work and I still get to hear about all the details.

He came over tonight for a minute and sat down with my friend Sophie and I. Sophie was discussion the legalization of marijuana and how she thinks so many people are going to write their persuasive speech on that in her writing class. Brandyn suggested taking it to the next level and she should write about the legalization of all drugs.

This led into a big discussion about whether or not we all personally feel all drugs should be legalized. Sophie and I mentioned certain opinions and backed it with personal morals and possible situations that could occur to sway our judgement on the topic. Brandyn, not surprisingly, had done some research on the topic.

He informed us about some studies and research done in numerous countries that have legalized but regulated drugs. In a nutshell, the results to all of the studies were that the number of drug users and the amount of people in jail were both significantly lowered in the countries that regulated drugs. He mentioned other things like the amount of people with HIV declining due to sterilized needles and proper dosages of whatever drug they were dealing with.

In the midst of this informative dialogue, Brandyn said something about weed being referred to as a gateway drug that made me laugh and I think it is a hilarious use of a metaphor. He said that referring to weed as a gateway drug is,

“…like saying milk is the gateway drink to alcohol.”

Now, it clearly shows you his stand on marijuana, but his opinion aside, it’s a hilarious image to think about. I picture a comic with a kid chugging a bottle of milk, the next a bottle of pop, the next a 40oz beer. Rather goofy, to me.

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