Should I be scared?

In the last three days there have been five (successful) armed robberies in Mount Pleasant.  One occurred on saturday, two yesterday, and two today. This, to me, is rather alarming for many reasons.

Not too long ago, just a week or so rather, someone was hijacked and then assaulted, before she jumped out of the car and got to safety from the Student Activity Center parking lot. She got into a house just in time because the man had tried to light her “safe house” on fire before the dad of the household got home to assist his children in this potentially life-threatening situation. 

Now, after that craziness happened, five armed robberies in three days? And the police haven’t found anyone guilty. It’s rather confusing to me how someone can run (on foot) and escape from five different robberies. However, if I had witnessed it I would not have been the first one to jump on this man to try and stop him, but I would have tried to at least make sure I saw what direction he ran, what kind of shoes he was wearing, or something. I’ve watched too many FBI shows to not understand the amount of detail needed to convict someone of any kind of crime. Being an eye witness would be one of the most stressful situations to be in for me. I would crack under all the pressure. 

One description of the man from two days ago said something about him being Hispanic and wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt. Another description today said something like, “…possible hair on his chin…”

My point is, the police are not getting anywhere. Central Michigan University has been sending out warning texts and emails to alert the students of what has been happening while the police seem to not be making any progress.

Meanwhile, my roommate has to go to work tomorrow at a pharmacy/ice-cream shop (weird, right?) right downtown only a few blocks from where there was a robbery today and work the cash register. Should her boss give her the run down for what happens if someone does come in with a gun? Or does he just not mention it and handle it if it happens? What’s the protocol for these types of things?

Another one of my friends was sitting at a coffee shop right behind the bookstore that was being robbed around the corner and had no idea. I called her because I was supposed to be meeting her there and completely forgot and my roommate had just informed me of the robbery at the bookstore. She said that nothing was happening in the coffee shop and it was actually eerily peaceful and quiet around the shop.

I live downtown. I’m surrounded by local businesses, stores, and possible targets for these robberies. My door is right next to a bar. I have to park across the street and walk behind an auto shop to get to my front door. By no means do the countless police cars driving passed me make me feel safe.

If anything, the basic idea that we need that many police cars is going to make my stomach turn. 

This is somewhat unrelated, but when I was walking to class the other day I heard a siren in the distance and wrote this note down in my phone,
“Imagine the soundtrack to your sophomore year being sirens
and silence
after gun shots
having a sure shot of misery
spending nights begging, ‘please don’t let that bullet hit me…
or a loved one’
it’s a race to the death
blacktop, hi-top converse foot race
never stop running, no, they still have breath left.”

And although a few armed robberies and police cars cruising the streets does not nearly compare to the situation described in my note, it does provide the same stroke of fear within me.

So far, no one has been hurt in these robberies but I can’t help but be left wondering how many more stores is/are this/these man/men going to hit? Don’t they realize they are getting a tad bit greedy? They should really quit while they’re ahead, but that’s just my advice. They’re armed luck is going to run out soon. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself for reassurance. 


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