Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

I sat rather motionless the other day in good company of a friend or two. We often sit silent, listening to each other’s company play out in the chair next to us. I was reclined in a chair I bought from Goodwill last year for 15 bucks. It has a decent sized hole in the back, but it’s just as comfy as ever. I looked around the room and, with this weeks photo challenge in mind, starting giggling. As I looked around and thought about my “home” I saw a couch that you can’t sit on, trash, shoes and clothes, dirty dishes, and blankets and pillows, un-hung paintings, and even animals.

Looking around, I realized that this mixed up, messy apartment is my idea of home.

In all of it’s chaos–it’s unorganized clutter, I still manage to find comfort. For the first time, I have filled a house with all of my favorite things; comfortable furniture; animals; bright colors; relaxing lights, and best of all; my friends. 

We found this apartment really last minute, my roommate and I. We had been somewhat scrambling for a place to live after our previous living situation just wasn’t working anymore. We needed to get away from it all and start fresh. We had through we found a lovely house on Pine Street, but, nervous that the offer was going to fall through, we mentioned the non-existent living situation to our old (and now current) landlord. As he pointed upstairs, he explained that there was two-person apartment right above the leasing office he was trying to rent. We ended up getting a walkthrough and, without much hesitation, we signed for our current apartment.

It was a downsize from our then 5-bedroom, two story house with a basement, but it was cute, not too much farther from campus, and it was available for rent immediately. I knew within an hour of being settled in that I was going to enjoy my time here.

I realize that these next few pictures might not make my mother proud (sorry, Mom) but I have to admit that most of the time, these are the conditions of my house:

Empty cabinets and a full sink. Seeing as we only have five bowls and four plates, dishes have to be done regularly if we plan on eating. 



An entryway full of beer cans, a broken vacuum, broken futon frame, and shoes.



A bedroom floor full of dirty clothes because my hamper is full of clean clothes I haven’t found the time to put away.



Our couch becomes an animal bed, locker, and table faster than anything I have ever seen. It’s multi-purposeful, really.ImageIt doesn’t take long before the cramped living spaces and messy filling get all too much for my apartment inhabitants to live in and, almost as one force, we stand up, look each other in the eyes and say,

“Power clean session?”

And that’s that. Before we know it one person is doing dishes, one is wiping up spills, another is rearranging furniture and folding clothes, all while someone else is finding the perfect music for the sudden burst of cleanliness. 

It’s my home. It’s lived in, for sure, with limited space for storage, hence our clutter situation. We’ve talked about sitting down and having a “give-away-cleanse” but we haven’t yet gotten around to it. Besides, we put a lot of our…things..to good use!

It’s my home. I have my own room, a shared bathroom, kitchen, living space and third room (move/crafting/storage room).

It’s my home. I feel settled when I arrive at these chairs, this couch, and my bed at the end of a long day away on campus or a weekend at “home”…or well, my mom and dad’s home. 

It’s my home and it gives me comfort when I hear my roommate say things like, 

“I love when I come home and the furniture is rearranged. It’s exciting, ya know?”

Because that’s how I know that my relaxed attitude it matched whole-heartedly. We have a common understanding that in our home, empty bags turn into cat toys, dishes will most likely be dirty, and blankets will never be folded up neatly at the end of the couch. We laugh instead of move the shoes when we trip over them in the hallway. We understand that our apartment is not our home unless it’s overfilled with our favorite friends.Image


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