Daily Prompt: All About Me

Explain why you chose your blogs title and what it means to you.

My blog title is, “sirovye. thoughts from an average girl.”

I chose it because that is exactly what my blog is. I’m, across the board, average. In fact, my last name is Sirovy and my first name starts with E, so my attempt at choosing a catchy blog name was just…average (and somewhat unoriginal). I’ve been average at sports, average at academics and pretty average at writing all my life. I’m not doing anything super exciting like traveling the world (at this current moment in time) and I don’t live in a thrilling city (Mt. Pleasant Michigan might not exist if it weren’t for the casino and university here). 

I’ve always had many thoughts, like most people do, and it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve starting writing them down. Whether it be notes in my phone, scribbles in my notebooks, or entire word documents with pages filled, somehow my thoughts are going to be written down. It’s a form of release: writing. 

I’m not trying to become internet famous in this big blogging world and I’m certainly not planning on writing an award winning book anytime soon. I’m just…average. I write about average, everyday ideas that spark some sort of interest or inspiration in my average brain. 

Some people thing average is a bad characteristic. Who really strives to achieve averageness in school when a grade of a C would be considered average? No one looks in the mirror in the morning and says, “Damn, I am so ridiculously average looking today and I love it!”

But I don’t think average has to be negative. Average, to me, means I am right alongside a lot of my peers or other people in this world. I’m not alone. Average doesn’t mean not good enough, average means on the way to success. Becoming not-average is a progress.

For now, I’m just an average girl writing average words in hopes of conveying somewhat of an average message about little aspects of life.


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