To T

I dedicate this post to my roommate, Hannah’s, father. His name is Tony but he’s often referred to as “T” and his wife (Hannah’s mom) then becomes “P”. It makes for a nice little ring when Hannah announces that, “…P and T are coming to town!”

I want to thank T for when he helped move Hannah into our old house (or maybe he was just coming up randomly to fix our old house…hmm). During this visit we took a trip to the local Menard’s. If you have never been to a Menard’s please click here because it is incredible and has anything and everything you could ever need…ever. 

Amongst my amazement as I walked through Menard’s I spotted T. He was sitting in an isle claiming we, “Absolutely have to get a new toaster oven because ours is filthy and disgusting…” or something along those lines…and he was right. Our old toaster oven was greased up, dirty, and had crusty burnt food particles everywhere. After a little back and forth about what toaster oven we should purchase (T wanted big and fancy, Hannah wanted simple) everyone had settled on this one particular toaster oven. ImageI want to thank him so much for this toaster oven because as a somewhat (not) wealthy college student I use this toaster oven quite a lot when making my usually dinner of bread and butter.

I will admit that this handy dandy toaster oven was a liiiiittle bit cleaner than it is now (we haven’t necessarily been keeping up with the cleaning, hence the old dirty toaster oven). But nevertheless it is cooking strong and hot. I’ve cooked many meals in this thing. I’ve kept french toast warm, heated up spaghetti, and made the best set of nachos I’ve ever tasted. 

We got rid of our microwave earlier this year and didn’t even think twice about it. The only thing we really even used it for was to heat up water which is just as easily done on the stove. 

At my house back home we have a microwave and a regular toaster and I always find myself missing the “oven” part of the toaster. It’s cool that I can make toast and all but…what about everything else? I know I could turn the toaster on it’s side but then you get unevenly toasted toast and that’s no good either. The toaster oven T bought us would never unevenly cook anything. It’s perfect.


Look at it…in all of it’s orange glowing goodness.


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