A word a week photo challenge: Smile

Smiles, to me, are contagious. They mimic each other when laughing with friends and they freeze when someone pulls out a camera.

A lot of things can happen in order to make someone smile. A smile can be sprouted from the sun returning after a cloudy day. A smile can crack at the sight of a cute boy…or girl…or animal or even song.

On the list of “things that make me smile”, however, I would not say “taking a bath”. Unlike, Layne, my friend’s nephew, bubble baths do not make me smile. I’ve narrowed down two things that could contribute to the lack of smiling I do during bubble baths; I often feel even dirtier after I take them so I have to shower afterward, and I don’t get cool toys like little kids do. And plus, I can’t make a bubble beard look as good as this little guy…



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