Word A Week: Weather

Weather: a rather…peculiar thing. It changes over seasons. It changes over days. In Michigan, it changes by the hour.

It’s strange to think about how I define a year with four seasons. I can recall specific events and what year they were in just by the season in which it occurred. 365 days broke into a few months of bitter cold followed by blossoming flowers. This phenomenon then somehow fades into “summer”: warm months, tan skin, happy people with adventures lasting all day outside and in swimming pools. Then the tree’s leaves start to mimic the sun’s rays, turning into rich hues of yellow and orange.

Seasons come and go and every year “winter” is different. Three years ago I can remember snow days (in college) filled with climbing banks of plowed snow, multiple inches of fluffy flakes, and long days curled up around a mug of hot chocolate after snow suit covered adventures through the woods.


Last year, I seem to only be able to recall the end stage of winter. You know, the random piles of slush freckling brown, soggy ground…the ugly stage.


This year, winter seems to not be starting even though it’s been here for weeks. Frosted tipped blades of snow can still be seen but the bitterness can’t be tolerated. Although there isn’t that many frozen flakes surrounding me, I can’t seem to escape the nose burning, toes numbing, fingers freezing chill that engulfs me every time I walk outside.


In my 21 years of life I have witnessed enough winters to suffice. I prefer warmer weather: the weather that encourages me to get up and ride my bike, not disappear into a bed full of blankets.

Weather controls my mood…my mindset. When the weather is warm, sunny, bright…that’s when I smile, explore, and laugh.


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