Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

ImageThis is Zeus. He’s a mix between a toy and a teacup Chihuahua weighing in around 3.7 pounds. Zeus has been a fellow companion of mine since I’ve gotten back up to school, seeing as he goes everywhere with his “owner”, my good friend, Rhodes. When I invite her over I automatically assume this little guy is coming with. 

She carries him in her jacket to protect him from the cold (and don’t let her look fool you, she’s everything but angry about having to do so).


She lets him snuggle up oddly close to her face for a little nap…


and it is beyond me how one tiny animal can be so incredibly, awfully…adorable.

ImageIt’s beyond me how he can sit there with a steady shaking that can only make you assume every look he gives you is a little whine accompanied by a “my life is so hard” without his body just going overboard.

It’s beyond me how nature still allows him to have such beady eyes, protruding out of his head. 

It’s beyond me to think that something this small and helpless can actually get up and walk down (and up) stairs. 

I think, out of all the time I’ve spent with him, I’ve seen him on the ground maybe..15% of the time. This little guy is never not touching a human. I’d like to think that this is what the world looks like from his eyes as he rests on anyones lap who will encourage him to burrow his way into the blankets:



My absolute favorite Zeus moments are when his mother decides to dress him up in a sweater.



It’s beyond me how Rhodes has learned his language to the point of being able to perfectly (in my opinion) commentate his every move. They spend almost every waking hour together besides when she is working. His favorite question is, “wanna go on a car ride?!” and he prances for joy every time he hears those words. That question drastically increases the percent of time he spends on his own four feet.

As a previous Chihuahua hater (I’ll admit it…I think most of the time they are yippee and annoying) it is beyond me how I can love this little guy so much. His owner is pretty cool too..




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