I’m so…hip.

The other night, as I perched myself on a fluffy pink chair within arms distance from a couch and two other chairs, I sat surrounded by six of my closest friends. We had rearranged our furniture to create the perfect circle so we could stare into each other’s eyes and converse with ease.

Five out of six girls in the room were wearing floppy hats, four out of six girls don’t shave their legs, two are vegetarians (one, vegan) and on a Friday night we were all sitting inside talking about deeper meanings of life and how society can be so twisted but yet we all find joy in tree branches and bird chirps as drunk buffoons line up for the bar downstairs.

I’m not sure how it was brought up but a “hipster” joke was made. The five girls who supposedly fit the subject of the joke, including myself, all kind of giggled and said in unison, “I’m not quite sure what a hipster is…”

My friend Sophie took it from there. She went on to explain that our lamp-lit Friday night was the epitome of “hipster”. After all, harsh overhead lighting would hurt our artistic eyes. I was then informed by Sophie that photography is now a “hipster” talent to hold. I was unaware. If this is the case, I have been “hip” since the time I was old enough to click that button on a disposable camera.

I’m not sure why being called a hipster put me on such an edge, but it just didn’t ring right with me. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to be labeled at all. Or maybe it’s because in my head, I think hipsters are people who try way to hard to be something because it’s cool and they call themselves hipsters because they don’t know what other category they fit in. Or maybe I see the majority of “hipsters” and have to think twice about whether they are gay or not, which is fine, but a little confusing at times.

Someone argued, “to be a hipster..you have to not all yourself a hipster…”

Another friend countered with, “the whole meaning of hipster is to try and be something just because it’s hip” and it has nothing to do with whether you call yourself one or not.

I wasn’t quite sure what the meaning of “hipster” was, so I looked it up.

Google says a hipster is “A person that follows the latest trends and fashions.” This would automatically dismiss me from this hipster category because I have no idea what the latest fashions even are. I’ve been steady wearing jeans and t-shirts since middle school and have no desire to change that now.

I wasn’t satisfied with Google’s answer, so I did some further research..

Urban dictionary says, “A hipster is someone who is smart enough to talk about philosophy, music, politics, art, etc. with you all day long, but not smart enough to see how big of a tool s/he is.” The first part? That’s me all day long. I love talking about how things work, philosophy, music, I absolutely love art and I’ve recently gotten into politics, however, I am smart enough to not only see how big of a tool I am, but to actually know I am not a “tool” at all. At least, not by definition. 

Another definition from urban dictionary is this: Someone who listens to bands you’ve never heard of, wears ironic tee-shirts, and believes they are better than you.

I’ve never been one for ironic t-shirts. It’s just not really my thing. On the other hand, I do listen to some bands that the majority of people have never heard of but that is only because I like a type of music that doesn’t get overplayed on the radio for mass amounts of ears to hear. I like bands that I can relate to, that have lyrics that mean something, and last but not least, are pleasant to listen to and don’t make my head feel like it’s going to be bumped right off of my neck from the obnoxiously loud bass and redundant electronic beats. Does that mean I think I’m better than you? Absolutely not. 

So, as far as this hipster topic goes, I have no idea whether someone would categorize me as one. I also have no intentions of researching this topic further. I know that I am me. I dress how I want, say what I want, listen to music I want, and talk about whatever I want to talk about. If that makes me a so-called, “hipster” then so be it…it doesn’t mean I’ll understand this hipster world anymore than I do now. And it certainly won’t change my behaviors.

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