I have found that, in the past, I will go days or even weeks without blogging or writing poetry. I’m currently in one of these no-writing stages right now as you can see by the date of my last post..December 17th. While I began to think, “Man, I haven’t been writing at all…” I was distracted by the number of “notes” on my handy dandy iphone. Some of these notes are paragraphs long, scrolling down my blue-lit phone screen for more than just a few finger flicks. That’s when I realized something:

It’s not that I haven’t been writing…

I just haven’t been writing publicly.

This is often the case. I’m constantly reaching for my phone throughout the day to quickly tap away at my screen to freeze a comment, conversation, idea, or thought into my notes so I can revisit it later (at a more appropriate time) and work with it. Or expand on it. I tend to escape into my own mind a lot as if I’m checking things off, dragging files in my head and dropping them in another file for later reconnecting. This usually leads to me being off topic, random, or in the worst case scenario, looking completely uninterested in what’s really going on which is not always the case. It’s just that my mind flies so fast it amazes me. I don’t want to slow it down by trying to explain myself. Especially when it’s most likely just a little aside and then my train of thought zooms on.

Here are some of the “notes” I’ve created in the past week or so throughout days of travel, adventure, and sometimes boredom:

-I always look right before left when I’m making a left hand turn onto a busy street. Not sure why.

-If no one had cars then we would be forced to localize. The small business would then bloom because no one would have the means to drive to the nearest Sam’s club and fill a shopping cart with too many things to carry. It would take way longer to walk to work, school, or anywhere else people would need to go so we would be forced to wake up earlier, slow down, and get less done in a day. No sense in stressing.

-Avocados that are too old to eat are fun to squeeze.

-If I hold the door for someone and they don’t say thank you, nod their head, wave, or acknowledge my existence at all, I will not hold the second door for them. They are then on their own.

-There are shows on TV these days that show things I don’t even want to fathom, things I would never want to have a picture for in my mind, like…dogs chasing humans over fences, biting at their arms, tearing at their flesh. Zombies eating/killing people. People killing people. Those are the things that scar the individuals they happen to and I think it’s messed up to watch something that would be potentially so life altering for the person involved, regardless of if it’s just made up, fake stories or not.

-A lot of people have closets bigger than other people’s houses. Just another example of how people cherish things and have little compassion for other human beings. After all, they can’t get their 500 dollar pair of shoes dirty…that would be ludicrous!

-I don’t like TV shows that have fake laughter recorded over it. It’s like the show is trying to tell me what I should be laughing at. It just gets awkward when all these “people” are laughing in the living room and I’m sitting there staring blankly at the TV screen..

-The only time I feel strange not wearing make up is when I’m having a face to face conversation with someone and I realize I have no idea what they really look like. It’s almost unfair in a way: I see some painted picture of a girl with bleach blonde hair, black eye liner, and bronze skin and they’re staring back at me…seeing all of me. Every freckle, every pimple, every dark spot under my eye. I’m unfiltered and unchanged, looking at a face that can change daily depending on what color eye shadow it brushes on in the morning. It’s almost scary in a way…like clowns.

-h210470**12f2**2. That’s my grandparent’s wireless internet password, with some *modifications* for security sake. I just would like to point out how ridiculous and nearly un-memorizable that series of characters is. I just don’t understand…

-I think people should be able to get their graffiti license. People can get a marijuana license, drivers license, flying license, motorbike license etc. They should be able to get a graffiti license as well because, in my opinion, there is nothing cooler than driving under and underpass, or passed a bridge, or building that is covered in a sweet, colorful, well done scene of graffiti. It’s an incredible art form (when done correctly). Now, it would be hard to enforce this, but somehow this could limit the random tags or vulgar sayings that are sometimes spray painted on walls and fences. Color is beautiful and if we’re going to cut down and remove all the natural color nature gives us and replace it with cement, the cement might as well be colorful. Wind turbines should also be painted.

So you can see that it’s not as though I have not been writing…I have just been saving up material, ideas, and opinions until I had ample time to sit down and share them all properly. This is more than likely not going to be my last post for tonight either…I’m going on a writing rampage people!

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