daily prompt: forever young

If there were a real fountain of youth, would you drink the water?


But only if it kept me young in spirit, while still letting my life “age” accordingly. Sure, I want the ability to run around like a four year old, but I always want the ability to intellectually talk about abstract concepts.

Although some people say they would love to be young forever, I would have to disagree. If my youth had anything to do with how much of this fountain I drank, I would like to only have a teaspoon. Ya know, just enough to give me a little kick, but not enough to freeze me in time forever. Sure, I want to “stay young” but what that really means is be active, celebrate free time, be careless and have absolutely nothing scheduled, however, I do think there are some major perks of “growing up.”

I want to grow up so  I can truly understand the meaning of independent. Although it may be trying at times, I think it’s a feeling that’s worth the hardship. I want to grow up and become my own person, doing things I love to do and travelling the world, working, and still keeping my friends (that’s where the youth part comes in).

To wrap it up, you would not see me filling up pitchers at the fountain of youth because I’m actually looking forward to growing older. However, I would love to take a taste just to see what it’s like.


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