the last day

On our very last day in Kenya, three of the volunteers stayed back from their projects to see us off into our last matatu ride. The three volunteers were Matthew, Jack, and Louis. They are very entertaining, to say the least and provided us with many, many laughs throughout our journey. 

As we waiting for our departure time to arrive, the boys decided to try and get coconuts out from the trees in our backyard. They tried various things like Louis’ rugby ball and other coconuts. But nothing was working. On their last attempt to get a coconut they concocted the idea to put Louis on Matt’s shoulders and then shake a branch to get a coconut to fall down..



If you were wondering…it didn’t work. In fact, it wasn’t even close to working…here was me watching this whole thing happen from the porch steps. I was a little bit in disbelief, but it was mixed with the sad reality that this is the last I was going to see of these people for too long of a time.


I was tan. And my hair was super short. I also didn’t have to be wearing any layers, or shoes and socks. 

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