monkey madness

While I was in Kenya we visited a place called the Gede Ruins. They were pretty cool, a bunch of rocks structured into rooms and toilets and a whole city. The walls were crumbling and the paths were widening. But that all is besides the point…

After we received our tour guide (Mr. Tea) but before we actually got into the city, there were a bunch of monkeys (a family of monkeys? a gaggle of monkeys?). They were running about and jumping on everything they could. Mr. Tea asked if anyone had bananas. I had heard about these monkeys in advanced from other volunteers, so I came prepared with a backpack full of nothing but my camera and bananas. Mr. Tea took the bananas and cut them into pieces before handing them out to us.

I was pretty close to first in line to feed these monkeys. I love monkeys. Monkeys are so interesting and I wish I could swing from branches and grab things with my tail. My roommate, Hannah, really, really REALLY, dislikes monkeys. This worked out perfectly because she was able to capture these incredible pictures of me and my monkey friends:

ImageThis is the first picture in the series. I’m clearly communicating vocally with my new friend, loving every second of my life just as much as that monkey is loving that banana.


Second picture: Me, admiring this monkey for all that it’s capable of. I think this was the “wooooow, a wild African monkey is really on my shoulder right now” moment.


Third picture: smiling for the camera, hoping that Hannah was capturing this beautiful moment in time (she captured it perfectly, for those who were wondering).

ImageFourth picture: “Oh, oh…my…gracious. Monkeys have claws and they are sharp and they HURT when they use you as a jungle gym.”

After some of the madness stopped and all the monkeys stopped monkeying around, I decided to, again, get closer to these monkeys because they fascinate me and I would love to have one. The picture below is me copying this little monkey as he says, “Where are all the bananas? Are you out of bananas…?” Or as least that’s what I think he’s saying…



It’s almost like I’m a part of their family.


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