I bet you this is one of the cutest children you have ever seen…ever.


This is Emily. She is somewhere between 9-11 years old. She doesn’t walk, but she can scoot along with the best of them. This little girls smile and head turn could make anyone’s heart melt into every inch of their body. Her laugh. I just can’t explain how incredible this child is, so I’m going to show you in pictures instead.


Just look at her cheeks.




Totally sanitary…don’t worry…


I would give so much to be back there, holding her again. Sitting there on the ground, numb to the sweatiness and un-phased by the filth. I just came across pictures from Kenya on Hannah’s camera. This might sound a little vain but it’s awesome to have pictures of myself with the people there. I have so many pictures of them, but seeing a picture with them is completely different. It puts me right back into that mindset. It eases my arms into feeling the weight of little Emily, rested her head against my chest as she relaxed a lap that was never going to be there long enough.


This was my everyday life for three weeks. I would wake up in the morning and my only obligation was to go and hold these kids. That’s it. I think about my everyday obligations now and I’m overwhelmed. I have so many things to do and places to go; papers to finish; deadlines to meet. I’ve forgotten what it feels like to really be care-free.

I’m a pretty laid back person. I tend not to worry about anything unless is an absolute must. And that’s usually only because I’m also a procrastinator: I like to do whatever sounds most fun at that moment. That moment…is never homework or studying. Therefore, I have to procrastinate to get anything done.

Kenya makes me wonder what other places I would fall in love with if I just had the chance to go. Kenya makes me want to never stay in one place for over a month. Kenya does not seem five months into my past. It seems more real to me than a lot of things here.

Oh, and this is Diana. She’s pretty adorable as well.



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