weekly photo challenge: reflections


 this is a well visited spot in one of the parks located around downtown Mt. Pleasant. i used to call it the heart shaped pond, but with more and more adventures leading me there, i’ve slowly changed the shape i see. From some angles, it looks like a giant jelly bean, other angles it looks like a whale. whatever shape you see, it’s clear that this little pond reflects as much sky as it possibly can. it’s in a prime location, down a hill from an overlooking platform, in the middle of a field of some plant i’m not sure the name of but sometimes reminds me of cat tails, which i don’t even think is the scientific name of that plant…

i was exploring with my friend, B, one day when we decided to venture even closer to this pond i’ve gazed at so many times before. Imagewe crawled down a hill and made our way through ground we weren’t sure was sturdy enough to not suck us in. we made it right to the pond’s edge. there, we stood. taking everything in; the sun, which was just starting it’s journey into night; the water, rippling away from water bugs; the sound of nature, birds singing loudly as if they were gasping for just a few more minutes of sunlight, and the loud buzz of distant cars and close-by bugs blending together.

at one point, i sat down, unsure of the condition the seat of my pants would be in when i stood up. but, at that very moment, i didn’t care. i was so caught up with the fact that i was standing in a spot i’ve only explored visually before that moment. i had seen this water, this land, so many times before but never once have i actually experienced it. i’ve never journeyed down to the water’s edge and realized how much smaller i felt when i was standing next to it, rather than standing over it. the sun was at the perfect part in it’s decent towards the horizon to illuminate our faces and reflect off the water, providing us with double the amount of sun for a short moment in time.

this is one of the pictures i captured while sitting:


 when going through the pictures with B after our adventure, it took us both a minute to realize that this picture was not upside down. this picture captured the reflection of the clouds perfectly, only to wrinkle it with baby waves created by something moving in the water. it still sends my brain for a little loop trying to understand that those plants are only a reflection of the real thing: a mirrored image of what the world looks like upside down.

here’s one more picture, just because i love reflections and mirrored images:


6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: reflections

  1. i really like the bottom one – i can see the face of the marshmallow stay puft monster from Ghsotbusters in the clouds… but maybe that’s just me – the story of the special spot and the other pics are really great as well – feels like we’ve been invited into your secret world… thank you.

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