last night i hung out with my newly found friend, Paige. she told me that, when leaving her apartment, one of her roommates asked if she was, “going to Emily’s”. her second roommate asked, “is Emily the girl who always wears hats?” with the cold weather and my seemingly infrequent showering schedule, hats have become a lifeline for me: keeping my ears warm and dirty hair hidden.Image

in the picture on the left, i am wearing what quickly became my favorite hat. it fits my head perfectly, not too tight, not too loose. it’s a nice blueish teal color and flops down at just the right level. i have to admit, this hat was not meant for me. my roommate exchanged hats with a volunteer at a camp she regularly visits, but we’ve established long ago that what’s mine is hers and what’s hers is mine. 

without even realizing this hat was not “mine” i started wearing it nearly every day. once, i apologized to Hannah for kind of stealing the hat from her. she replied with a simple, “no, Emily, that hat is yours. it belongs on your head. just like those softball sweatpants are mine.” and she has a point, she’s been wearing “my” sweatpants and sweatshirt from high school for the past year. i don’t even think twice when i see her wearing them because they aren’t mine anymore…they’re hers.

wow, talk about getting off topic. anyways, after Paige’s roommate described me as “the girl who always wears hats” she laughed because that’s not how she would classify me. when we started talking about this, Paige brought up a good question:

how many different ways am i classified to different people?

we’ve all been guilty of saying “that girl with the red hair” or “the boy who is 6 feet tall” or “that person who walks on the tip of their toes” or any other classification when trying to explain who it is we are referring to. it’s funny because, although someone may classify me as “the girl who always wears hats” another person might classify me as “the girl who never talks in class” or “the girl who drives a silver car” or “that person that has a funny face” because, lets face it, i can’t control how other people classify me.

it does, however, make me think twice about how i classify other people. i never want to be that “girl who is a total bitch” or that “girl who always has dirty hair” (hence the reason for the hats) and if i wouldn’t want to be classified as that, then why would i ever classify someone else as that? it makes me think that maybe i should try a little harder to explain people, rather than my opinions of those people. it’s not always easy to set your opinions aside, but sometimes it’s for the better. like if my boss asked me how i classified her i would put my opinions aside for the sake of my job and say, “you are the woman who is dependable at work and always kind to your employees” even though that may not be what i’m thinking.


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