weekly photo challenge: thankful

today, i am thankful i have a roommate who is okay with doing this:

Imageboth my roommate and i work with people who have different abilities. we currently both work with children who are 11 years old and have autism. this requires us to brush their teeth, comb their hair, and get them dressed properly for the cold weather. i’m not sure how it started, but Hannah decided she was going to brush my teeth. we agreed that since we work with kids who are nonverbal, it’s hard to tell what kind of job we are doing when we brush their teeth before bed time. are we pressing too hard? do we gag them? these, along with other questions, could be answered with just one situation: brushing the teeth of someone who is verbal. don’t worry, i totally returned the favor…

Imagei am thankful for a roommate who is also a friend; who can find laughter in the little things; who can brush my teeth and provide me with a spit cup when things get a little too foamy. i am thankful to have such a beautiful person in my life (and i don’t just mean that gorgeous face). as days roll by, Hannah is what i am thankful for. she’s someone that can bring positives into my somewhat, sometimes cynical way of viewing things but also someone who looks to me for advice when she’s feeling cynical herself. 

i am thankful for her because even though sometimes she can not relate or agree, she still will understand.




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