weekly photo challenge: renewal

when i think of renewal, a lot of feelings come to mind, but not a lot of visuals. i view renewal as a feeling and feelings, a lot of the time, are hard to catch on camera when it’s deeper than just a smile for feeling happy. i’ve thought a lot about what kind of image i wanted to capture, looked around for things that make me feel renewed, and even sat down and thought about the basic definition of renewal.

while all of this was happening, i kept thinking about one night over the summer: the night i shaved my friends head. now, i guess you could call us best friends, but titles are always weird to me and we have more of a brotherhood than friendship (even though sometimes those things go hand in hand). 

my friend, B, had cut her hair shorter than the average girl towards the end of last year. the cuts and trims were never enough, so one night, with the help of a little liquid courage, i brought out my brother’s electric razor and shaved away the curls that once fell to her shoulders. 


that’s her, on the left. i’m in the middle and my friend, Jules, is on the right. this picture was taken soon after the whole head shaving situation was done. it captured the little bit of shock we all had as we stared at a head that now looked completely different, but as i look at this picture i feel a certain lightness…or happiness. B was completely renewed that day. her hair has never been long since. 

she’s still the same person, but she was revived, reestablished, and she was completely rejuvenated. everyone could feel it. that, to me, is what renewal is all about.


2 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: renewal

  1. i enjoyed reading your posting esp since there seems to be so much power associated with one’s hair (I think there is even a biblical story about hair) . . . the releasing of one’s hair is indeed renewal. thanks

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